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“Tony is an approachable, insightful, and engaging speaker.”

-- SVP, Sales & Marketing, Capella Hotel Group

"Outstanding! Tony engaged my entire regional leadership and motivated us to all sleep more for better health."

-- GM of Emerging Markets, Manulife Asia

"I found Tony to be extremely engaging, articulate, and knowledgeable."

-- Entrepreneurs Organisation member

Tony is a seasoned keynote speaker, moderator, and panellist. He seamlessly brings together global trends, real-world examples, and personal experience in talks addressing business strategy, entrepreneurship, improving healthcare, insurance innovation, brain health, and the science of sleep.

Recent areas of focus for his talks include Health Equity, AI and Data in Healthcare, Population Health models, Public-Private Partnerships, and Sleep Science.

1. Event Keynotes & Emcee for Personalised Health & Health Equity

Inspire, inform, and motivate business leaders on the opportunities for both creating new health innovations and making them more accessible and affordable to lower- and middle- income populations

H is for Humanity - Opening Keynote at Frontiers Health
Speaker at conference and corporate events hosted by

Tony is a featured keynote speaker at global events, providing his point of view on the future trends, strategic challenges, and required benefits the industry of health can achieve by focusing on both Personalised Health and Health Equity.

At private sector innovation events such as Radical Health Festival and Frontiers Health, both global events hosted in Europe, Tony shares a unique approach on how to overcome business problems through a mix of new frameworks he is developing for a new book and global case studies driven by HealthTech / Digital Health.   His deep industry expertise and broad market insights enable him to tailor the content to different audiences ranging from business executives to general consumers.

Tony has also spoken at European events on public health, including the TEHDAS Stakeholder forum 2023, held in Helsinki.

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2. Wellness Expert for Sleeping Better and Improving Creativity

How better sleep can lead to enhancing your problem solving including the use of vivid and lucid dreams

The science behind sleeping better is finally catching up to our knowledge of exercise and nutrition.   For nearly a decade, Tony has tapped into his lucid dreaming to fuel his writing creativity.   And his journey has led him to become an expert in helping guide others on how to establish a better foundation for sleep.  These interviews on BBC Business Matters and BBC Radio help tell this story.

For his debut novel Comatose – a novel that explores the science of the mind including lucid dreaming, meditation, and comas – the plot, characters, and key scenes came from taking notes on his dreams across many years.  And he’s not the only person who can do this:  Yesterday by Paul McCartney, the periodic table from Dmitri Mendeleev, and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley are all dream-inspired creations.

In 2023, Tony helped AIA – a large regional life insurer in Asia – produce and host a new series on Sleeping and Parenting.  Click play on the video to see this video.

Tony also spoke as the Sleep Expert for a wellness programme hosted by Patina Resorts in the Maldives.

For talks on sleep, Tony is represented by London Speakers Bureau.    Click to book him for an event.

AIA Voices - Parenting and Sleep Series
Speaker, guest, and video host for

3. Podcast Host and Producer

Amplifying marketing and educational messages from health organisations through the reach and engagement of audio-based media

Listen to Episode 1 of FutureProofing Healthcare

Organisations interviewed by Tony include

Tony has been podcasting since 2020, working with Mission Based Media, one of the global leaders in audio content globally.  Healthcare can benefit greatly from podcast content.

According to an article posted in 2023 by Quill Podcasting Agency, “By producing engaging podcasts, healthcare brands can establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields, providing valuable insights and expertise to audiences. This can help to build brand awareness, increase loyalty, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

Tony is an experienced producer and host in podcasting, with experience in speaking with prominent global health leaders.

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