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A global digital health expert, author, and podcaster applying creativity and experience to catapult healthcare into the future

Tony empowers startups and publicly listed health companies to establish product-market fit within Asia Pacific markets. Through advisory projects and supporting venture investors, Tony accelerates disruptive innovation in longevity, population health, cancer, brain health, and sleep science. He is also an independent board director actively supporting company executives to navigate complex business challenges.

As an author, his creativity is inspired by his lucid dreaming with attention on predicting the future of healthcare as influenced by technologies including AI, smart devices, and robotics. His debut novel Comatose explores the science of the mind and dreams in a globe-trotting speculative fiction thriller.

Tony's podcast - Digital Health Today, Asia Pacific Edition - explores the challenges and opportunities in Asia Pacific at the intersection of Healthcare and Technology.

Podcast: Digital Health Today Asia Pacific Edition

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A new podcast series for 2021 where Tony uncovers insights by speaking with business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians, and academics from across Asia Pacific.

This region of 4.5 billion people from over 40 countries has a diverse set of healthcare needs for individuals.    Season 1 explores the breath of challenges in this region by speaking with people who have experience in transforming healthcare from companies including WeDoctor (China), Health Catalyst (APAC Region), Roche (Southeast Asia), MyDoc (APAC Region), and mClinica (Southeast Asia).

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Writing: A Vision of the Future of APAC in 2050

This new thought experiment white paper was supported by FutureProofing Healthcare, a global organisation empowering policymakers, healthcare executives, and innovation leaders to transform healthcare into a system supporting personalised healthcare and dynamic prevention.

Tony serves as both a HealthTech expert on an exclusive Advisory Panel and is the author of this recently released narrative envisioning an optimistic outlook for Asia Pacific in 2050.   This paper describes a path where after COVID-19, world leaders eventually come together to bring the benefits of a miracle longevity solution to people everywhere.

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Fiction Writing: Exploring the Science of the Mind

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As featured by the BBC, Comatose is a globe-trotting thriller that explores the science of the mind.   

First published in 2019 in the UK, the book continues to receive positive affirmations from readers due to its engaging plot, rich character development, and its creative exploration of lucid dreaming.   The novel establishes a link between this unique type of dreaming with comas, triggering a race for survival across the four primary characters and ultimately explaining why we dream.

Strategy and Business Building: Creating a Lasting Impact

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For 25 years, Tony has generated market impact and produced results for startups to multi-national corporations.  His experience cuts across business functions and stage of company growth including being a serial entrepreneur, leading health innovation within a global insurer, and supporting venture investors to identify new investment opportunities.

Today, Tony is engaged with numerous companies driving disruptive change in health, primarily in Asia Pacific.   Establishing trust with founders, leadership teams, and investors is a core tenet of his approach.   His passion is to help these companies and investors bring a vision of a better health system to life with sustainable products and services.

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