Envisioning the future of health


"The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed yet"
-- William Gibson

When Star Trek first aired on TV in 1966, the Russian and American space programmes were less than 10 years old. The imaginative sequences and narratives of this series and other space-themed science fiction shaped the minds of many who later became pioneers in developing the space programmes we have today. This power of storytelling is explored in great depth in Yuval Noah Harari's widely read book Sapiens.

As technology such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and smart devices permeate every aspect of current healthcare systems, storytelling has an opportunity to again spark the imagination of many to achieve a new vision of better health systems and outcomes.

As an author, Tony writes both fiction and non-fiction to envision this future. In both areas, he enjoys exploring and developing engaging narratives to describe how people will be affected by disruptive shifts in technology.

The love of storytelling started early for Tony – he collected comic books, watched “the making of…” videos over and over again for numerous TV shows and movies, and loved to read books. He was also fortunate to work with incredibly talented producers, directors, and colleagues in building an Emmy-Award winning online health video network in the US. Through writing, he developed his unique style for storytelling, and he enjoys sharing this point of view to both entertain and education his readers.

Contributing Author: Sharing my point of view on Personalised Health & Health Equity

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From 2021-2023, Tony contributed to two different healthcare non-fiction books.

In 2021, he authored a feature on innovation and partnerships published in The Future of Health.  How Digital Technology will make care accessible, sustainable, and human by Roberto Ascione.   The book was published in Nov 2021 by Wiley.

In 2023, he contributed his expert point of of view on health equity and trends for digital medicines to the authors of Medicine without Meds.  Transforming Patient Care with Digital Therapies by Dean Ho, Yoann Sapanel, and Agata Blasiak.  The book was published in Oct 2023 by Johns Hopkins Press.

Fiction: Exploring the Science of the Mind

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As featured by the BBC, Comatose is a globe-trotting thriller that explores the science of the mind.   The book also explores the future of healthcare through both an AI character and hospital infused with digital health tools for the leading global authority on comas. 

Tony has shared this novel with inspiring people such as José Ramos Horta and Alicia Silverstone.   Comatose continues to receive positive affirmations from readers all over the world as they become introduced to (fictionally) why we dream.

Comatose is the first book in a trilogy, called The Lucid Dreaming Chronicles.  The second book is currently in development.

Healthcare: A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050

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A thought experiment white paper blending Tony's storytelling expertise with his healthcare experience

What does the future hold for healthcare systems after the COVID-19 pandemic?

The adoption of digital health that we’ve seen in the last few months is inspiring. The positive impact on people’s lives gives us hope that we can eventually learn from the challenges we are facing today to shift from sick care to personalised healthcare and dynamic prevention.

Through the support of FutureProofing Healthcare and Roche, Tony authored a white paper that envisions an optimistic view of APAC health in 2050.  In this future, the world has overcome the current pandemic and is now focused on longevity, data driven decisions, and better health outcomes.