A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050

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“A great piece of writing. It is a very bold way of looking at future for next 30 years from a future date in 2050.”
-- Nawal Roy, CEO, Holmusk

“Inspiring and believable. Insurers should spend more time thinking about such directions and how products today should be designed to remain relevant in the future.”
-- Paul Hughes, Head of Products and Health, MetLife Asia

“Tony has a strong vision of what healthcare in the future will look like. His contributions help us establish a data-driven culture of Personalised Healthcare throughout Asia Pacific.”
-- Shilpika Das, Roche APAC Lead, Public Affairs

What does the future hold for healthcare after COVID-19?

A thought experiment white paper

The adoption of digital health that we’ve seen in the last few months is inspiring. The positive impact on people’s lives gives us hope that we can eventually learn from the challenges we are facing today to shift from sick care to personalised healthcare and dynamic prevention.

Through the support of FutureProofing Healthcare and Roche, Tony authored a white paper blending his storytelling expertise with his healthcare experience that envisions an optimistic view of APAC health in 2050.

He introduces this white paper through this video:

2030: World governments unite to support a global pandemic framework

Scientist doctor with mask and mobile technology virus infect de

In 2025, global healthcare went through a reinvention, driven by a common goal to eliminate future viral outbreaks. Modelled after the measures put in place from previous outbreaks including SARS, MERS, and Avian Flu in APAC, a global council designed a Pandemic Prevention Framework. The UN, WHO, and all governments ultimately adopted all the baseline recommendations by 2030

2037: A scientific breakthrough for healthy longevity

Thirty years after the smartphone launched and 12 years after the world fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, a new innovation arrived – scientists figured out how to slow ageing. This singular change transformed the world’s focus to healthy longevity, a movement that spread like wildfire across Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

A physician, surgeon, examines a technological digital holographic plate represented the patient's body, the heart lungs, muscles, bones. Concept: Futuristic medicine, the human body, and the future.

2050: The foundations for a proactive health system

5 axioms guided the the creation of health systems that focused on the equal distribution of programmes improving health and quality of life

2050: Four fictional stories bring this optimistic future to life


Seeking to read 20,000 books in her lifetime

“I love reading. Now that I have more time, I want to make sure that my ability to learn is the same 50 years from now as it is today.”

Wee Hong

Seeking to expand his sporting life

“Competition fires me up. I’m a footballer at heart. Now that I have more time, I want to add other sports, both with my mates and some individual sports like swimming.”


Monitoring regional population wellness in Southeast Asia

“I’m a 2nd generation data geek, and I enjoy partnering with my mother to expand Longevity Health across ASEAN.”


Seeking to expand his life experiences through travel

“I live to teach children. If I can only travel the world, I can enhance my lessons to teach not only from textbooks, but also from my own experiences.”

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